October 1, 2015

NEUROSIS: Tickets For 30th Anniversary Shows At Roadburn Festival 2016 Go On Sale This Friday, October 2nd

Tickets for the two sets NEUROSIS will perform at Roadburn Festival 2016 as part of their 30th anniversary events will go on sale this Friday, October 2nd.

Passing their thirty-year mark this Winter, NEUROSIS will celebrate this milestone with two stateside performances onMarch 4th and 5th at the Regency Ballroom, and then two more sets on April 16th and 17th headlining the massive Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands, joined by labelmates Amenra and Dark Buddha Rising among others. At these four very special performances, the band will deliver material spanning their entire recorded lineage, from 1987’s Pain Of Mind through 2012’s Honor Found In Decay, with varied set lists at each event. These sets will span the band’s entire career, showcasing Neurosis’ comprehensive evolution from their primitive beginnings to the seminal, epic outfit they are today, as the band’s ever evolving, sonic palette has become a template for underground music over the last three decades, and resists genre classification.

Tickets for the 21st edition of Roadburn Festival, set for April 14th - 17th, 2016, will go on sale this Friday, October 2nd, 2015. The majority of Roadburners live outside The Netherlands, which is why ticket pre-sales will start at 21:00 CET(20:00 UK time | 22:00 Finland, Greece | 1:00pm East Coast USA | 10:00am West Coast USA).

3-Day Ticket (Thursday through Saturday) – €165 -

4-Day Ticket (Wednesday through Sunday) – €185 -

1-Day Ticket – Sunday, April 17th – €39 -

NEUROSIS 30th Anniversary Performances:
3/04/2016 Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA
3/05/2016 Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA
4/16/2016 013 - Tilburg, NL
4/17/2016 013 - Tilburg, NL
Tickets for the band’s two performances in San Francisco March 4th and 5th will go on sale shortly.

NEUROSIS has just reissued two of their most revered and long out-of-print titles reissued on super deluxe 180-gram double vinyl. Through Silver in Blood (1996), which Fact Magazine recently deemed the #1 best post-metal album of all time, has not been printed on vinyl in ten years, while Times Of Grace (1999) is seeing its first pressing in over fifteen years. Additionally, Grace, the 1999 TRIBES OF NEUROT companion piece to Times Of Grace, also saw a deluxe reissue, its first time ever on vinyl. Each reissue contains reinterpretations of the original iconic artwork with heavy duty “tip-on” jackets and are available in a variety of limited edition exclusive colors and all including full album download codes. Orders for the reissues can be placed directly through NEUROSIS’ own Neurot Recordings at THIS LOCATION.

September 30, 2015

KOWLOON WALLED CITY Streams Grievances Title Track Via Decibel

“Arm to arm they burned., with nothing to bear, you learned. No love, no burden, no memory.” – “Grievances,” KOWLOON WALLED CITY

Today, Decibel Magazine is streaming the title track from Grievances, the new full-length from San Francisco’s KOWLOON WALLED CITY. Grievances will be released worldwide October 9, 2015 on Neurot Recordings, with vinyl on Gilead Media. Preorder bundles are available at THIS LOCATION.

Shifting even further from their sludgy post-hardcore roots towards a sparser, more melancholic heaviness, on the seven-track Grievances, strings rattle, guitars crackle and blister, notes ring out, at turns bleak and beautiful – sometimes both at once. Recorded and mixed by vocalist Scott Evans at Sharkbite Studios and his own Antisleep Audio, both in Oakland, the recording is honest and spacious, and intense without artifice or studio trickery. 

From an advance review in the UK’s The List: “Purely sonically, this is a stunning record – big, clean guitars, used as knives, not hammers, over a vicious bass bite and drums that hang and resound, full of anticipation, tension and release. And the vocals are one of KOWLOON’s main weapons – where others in this milieu go for the guttural growl or the manly roar, Scott Evans’ anguished howl is purer, softer, full of sorrow and frustration dredged up from the belly … Compositionally, it’s incredibly smart but unflashy. At first, it appears simple and straightforward, but the arrangements are deceptively complex and wilfully elusive, focusing on elision and clashing sour chords. A key strategy finds the band building from an austere beginning to a colossal, climactic riff that repeats and repeats.”

Evans says, “The song ‘Grievances’ started with the investment bankers who threw a cocktail party overlooking an Occupy protest, and ended up at a 1911 shirt factory fire where dozens of employees died because the owners had locked the exits and stairwells. The album cover is related in some ways—look up Lewis Hine's photography from the early 1900s.”

Stream “Grievances” courtesy of Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

You can also hear “Backlit” streaming at NPR at THIS LOCATION.

Following the release of GrievancesKOWLOON WALLED CITY will join Fight Amp for a short West Coast tour. The tour begins at the Day Of Shred Fest in Santa Ana and wraps up with a hometown record release show in Oakland.
11/1/2015 The Observatory - Day Of The Shred Fest - Santa Ana, CA
11/2/2015 Starlight Lounge – Sacramento, CA
11/3/2015 Obsidian – Olympia, WA
11/4/2015 The Shakedown – Bellingham, WA
11/5/2015 Highline – Seattle, WA
11/6/2015 Black Water - Portland, OR
11/7/2015 Golden Bull – Oakland, CA * Grievances Record Release Show

KOWLOON WALLED CITY formed in 2007 and has released an EP, Turk Street (Wordclock, 2008), and two full-length albums, Gambling On The Richter Scale (Perpetual Motion Machine, 2009) and Container Ships (Brutal Panda, 2012), as well as two splits. Grievances is the band’s first release under the Neurot Recordings banner.

Grievances will be released worldwide on October 9th, 2015 on Neurot Recordings, with vinyl on Gilead Media. Preorder bundles are currently available at THIS LOCATION.

September 25, 2015

DARK BUDDHA RISING: 'Inversum' Available Now from Neurot Recordings

DARK BUDDHA RISING: Inversum - Available Now! 
Release Date: September 25th, 2015

Regarded as the opening of the Third Cycle Of Dark Buddha Rising, Inversum was recorded, produced and mixed by the band in the bowels of the Wastement, the self-proclaimed “asylum of eternal feedback,” and welcomes the addition of new Dark Buddha Rising recruits, V. Vatanen (guitar, vocals), J. Saarivuori (keyboards) and M. Neuman (vocals).

As the dust of centuries has settled on pages unwritten, the gates are opened only within. In ascension rites of introvert spirits, the signature of passing flesh is inscribed in the memorial garden as a note of entrance. Succeeding this initiation, all levels are accessible through death transpired as severance of the flesh and the spirit immortal. As the remnants of flesh dance to the endless pulses of the multiverse, the underlying directives in biorhythms to which these pulses are synchronized (from ego to the universe on the left hand and no ego in the void beneath the veil) and to be followed like a call of nature. Nature withholds the void that exists to the unaided eye of the celestials, and the rhythms transpire as keys. As the innerspace traveler is aligned with the order of the nine, disarray in the processes is suddenly reversible, and the liberated shall walk the brightened path that is not treaded afoot. This is Dark Buddha Rising.

DARK BUDDHA RISING’s Inversum is available now through the Neurot Recordings Webstore.

Dark Buddha Rising's second audio excerpt "E X O" can be heard here; sample the condensed edition of opening hymn, “E S O,” here; and you can also still view the recently released video trailer here:

Upcoming DARK BUDDHA RISING Live Events:

“Inversum is a dark oasis that Dark Buddha Rising have lost themselves in. It really feels like the band set out to create a dark opus, and through their recording sessions, have become part of its darkness as well… with Inversum, the band is opening a new cycle to their existence.” - CVLT NATION

There's an uncomfortable mood set and in time, there is a payoff. While waiting, the listener is treated to wah drenched guitars with tones that sound like the amplifiers are on fire, howling vocals that breed anger, enmity, and sadness.” - GLACIALLY MUSICAL

“A bell is struck in a silent temple. Black clouds gather over the Himalayas. A yogi lights incense in a forest, isolated. He approaches death, and is ready for the trip.” - METAL STORM

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