May 31, 2011

USX: The Valley Path Listening Party Brought To You By AOL Music

This week, AOL Music is hosting a USX listening party. Check out The Valley Path in its entirety HERE.

The latest full-length from the Appalachian masters of dark psychedelia came out today via Neurot Recordings. The mammoth follow-up to 2010's critically-lauded Run Thick In The Night consists of one, near 40-minute mammoth track of esoteric beauty.

In a recent review, championed The Valley Path, calling it "a piece of music that lets off both realistic emotions and a dreamy ambiance." Stereokiller agreed calling the record "a single-track opus fueled by sound-driven expanse and a spiritual tone expressed like bedtime prayer." Cvlt Nation added: "This is 40 minutes of dark psychedelic bliss that only gets grander with each listen," while Redefine noted: "...a mellow, cosmically tranced out, slow-burning blues jam of epic proportions."

In related news, USX recently performed a handful of special acoustic shows. To check out some footage, point your browser HERE.

For review copies of The Valley Path, interviews or further info, contact EarsplitPR. For more information on USX, check out their NR ARTISTS page above.

May 5, 2011

Across Tundras 'Sage' CD Available Now

Available early exclusively from Neurot Recordings! The official release date of Sage is mid-May, but you can get yours early, direct from NR.

Across Tundras, Sage -
The sprawling, seven-song album, is now available through NR. Click here to visit the NR Store for more info and to buy one now. Additionally, Across Tundras have also just confirmed American tour dates. For more information on Across Tundras' tour dates and interviews with the band, check out Earsplit PR here.

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