November 29, 2016

MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE Featuring Neurosis’ Scott Kelly And Buried At Sea’s Sanford Parker To Kick Off Rare US Mini-Tour Later This Week

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will kick off a rare bout of US live dates this week. Slated to commence on December 2nd in Los Angeles, California and run through December 16th in Oakland, California, the journey will traverse twelve cities in eight states.

MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE is the latest collaboration between Neurosis’ Scott Kelly and Buried At Sea’s Sanford Parker. The band released their self-titled debut – a sonic manifestation of insomnia, complete with the tossing, turning, and perennial dread that comes with facing another shabby daylight – earlier this year via Neurot Recordings. The five songs that comprise Mirrors For Psychic Warfare lurch and pulsate across a sullen, desolate landscape with an almost curious obsessiveness. And while Mirrors For Psychic Warfare may remind some of the best work on the classic Cold Meat Industry label, there is enough familiar Kelly/Parker-isms scattered throughout to keep the album stimulating. It is a work with more in common with a fever or a fitful wraith than a record.

Check out the record, still streaming at Revolver Magazine at THIS LOCATION.


12/02/2016 The Handbag Factory - Los Angeles, CA
12/03/2016 The Green Room – Flagstaff, AZ
12/04/2016 Sister – Albuquerque, NM
12/06/2016 Muntiny Info Café – Denver, CO
12/07/2016 Heart Of Gold Tattoo - Salt Lake City, UT
12/08/2016 Wavepop House – Boise, ID
12/09/2016 Shakedown – Bellingham, WA
12/10/2016 Funhouse – Seattle, WA
12/11/2016 Hawthorne Lounge – Portland, OR
12/13/2016 Lucky's – Eugene, OR
12/14/2016 Café Colonial – Sacramento, CA
12/16/2016 Golden Bull – Oakland, CA

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare
was realized and recorded by both Kelly and Parker at Actual 13 Studio and Hypercube respectively over the course of 2015. The record was mixed and mastered by Parker and comes available in CD and vinyl form. This is not the first occasion where Kelly and Parker have joined forces. The two work together in Corrections House, a project that also features the talents of Mike IX Williams of Eyehategod, and Bruce Lamont of Yakuza, and where Corrections House seem hell-bent on impersonal bludgeon and unrestrained panic, the pair’s latest project — MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE — is far more restrained.

For Mirrors For Psychic Warfare orders visit Neurot Recordings store.

“Ambient(-esque?), but tense and brooding...” – Decibel

“MIRRORS… dwells into dark ambient and power electronics, resulting in a death industrial setting, reminiscent of the Cold Meat Industry roster, in the likes of Deutsch Nepal and In Slaughter Natives.” – Cvlt Nation

“Alternating between sedate brood and agonized howl, Kelly spurts a flowing river of distorted guitar, his manly moodiness resting comfortably atop Parker's steady beats and atmospheric programming.” – Austin Chronicle

“If you are a fan of either man involved, then you’ll know that the sheer emotional weight their self-titled debut carries could crush the casual listener and suck the air out of a room… it’s like waking in a cold sweat in the middle of the night from a fevered dream that leaves you restless and unsettled, not quite sure whether that feeling was real or imagined.” – The Sleeping Shaman

November 25, 2016

New Neurosis merchandise in the Neurot Recordings store

After a banner 30th year for NEUROSIS — one that saw the band performing back-to-back 30th anniversary showcases internationally and abroad, and the release of the band's eleventh studio album, Fires Within Fires the band offers a wide selection of brand-new merchandise, only available through the Neurot Recordings store.

New merch now available for order: new patches — including Strength and Vision, Times of Grace and Neurosis branded designs; Neurosis pint glasses, mugs and coasters; a heavy Neurosis Dickies work jacket; two new Neurosis t-shirt designs; a set of enamel pins; a new saw blade mandala slipmat. (Some items are very limited.)

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While you're browsing in the store, support DIY music by purchasing one of our 2016 releases — The Body & Full of Hell's collaborative album, the debut release from Scott Kelly and Sanford Parker's MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE, ALARIC's End of Mirrors and, of course, NEUROSIS' Fires Within Fires.

November 3, 2016

NEUROSIS Announces Fires Within Fires New Zealand/Australia February Tour Dates; Band To Play Two Special Shows In London Next Week

Photo credit: Stefaan Temmerman

In the wake of releasing their eleventh studio album, Fires Within Fires, in recent weeks, NEUROSIS continues to book new live performances in support of the record into 2017, with a newly-booked tour of New Zealand and Australia just announced for February.

NEUROSIS' impending live schedule leads with two special shows for Fires Within Fires in London next week, which will see the band performing with Earth on November 7th, and Discharge and Subhumans November 8th. Two shows in Portland with labelmates Yob and Kowloon Walled City follow on November 25th and 26th. December sees NEUROSIS playing San Francisco on the 17th, with support from Yob and Kowloon Walled City, and the next night, December 18th, will see NEUROSIS headlining the second night of The Power Of The Riff 2016, with six additional bands to be announced for the evening. Shows in Seattle and Vancouver follow, on December 19th and 20th, respectively, with support from Yob and Sumac.

The newly-confirmed first 2017 tour dates for NEUROSIS sees them traversing the Pacific for a run through New Zealand and Australia. Running from February 14th through 18th, 2017 the band will play in Wellington, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Additional international tour dates from NEUROSIS are to be expected.

NEUROSIS Tour Dates:

11/07/2016 Koko – London, UK w/ Earth [tickets]

11/08/2016 Koko – London, UK w/ Discharge, Subhumans [tickets]

11/25/2016 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR w/ Yob, Kowloon Walled City [all ages] [tickets]

11/26/2016 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR w/ Yob, Kowloon Walled City [21+] [tickets]

12/17/2016 Regency Grand Ballroom – San Francisco, CA w/ Yob, Kowloon Walled City [tickets]

12/18/2016 Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA @ The Power Of The Riff [tickets]

12/19/2016 Neumos – Seattle, WA w/ Yob, Sumac [21+] [tickets]

12/20/2016 Venue – Vancouver, BC w/ Yob, Sumac [19+] [tickets]

2/14/2017 San Fran – Wellington, NZ [tickets]

2/15/2017 Kings Arms – Auckland, NZ  [tickets]

2/16/2017 The Triffid – Brisbane, AU [tickets]

2/17/2017 Manning Bar – Sydney, AU [tickets]

2/18/2017 The Croxton – Melbourne, AU [tickets]

Decibel Magazine released an entire issue dedicated to NEUROSIS, including multiple rare Hall Of Fame features as well as a full feature on the new album, a very brief section of the coverage praising, “NEUROSIS have redefined what heavy meant and what heavy could be, all while refusing to define themselves as anything more than conduits for the music they conjure like diviners. Now releasing their eleventh LP, Fires Within Fires, they’ve ascended from the trappings of youth to alter the landscape of heavy music like the violent shift of tectonic plates.” Alternative Press forewarned in their 12 Metal Albums You’re Going To Need In The Second Half Of 2016 feature, “NEUROSIS have been endlessly creative and relevant for every stage of their now three-decade career…. Every part of their discography is essential, and this will be another welcome chapter in their story.” 

Noisey posted, “What more can be said about NEUROSIS that hasn't already been written, re-written, and re-written once again? They're giants in a field obsessed with hugeness—hugeness of riff, of amplifier, of decibel, of ambition—and are a seemingly unbreakable sonic force. When Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Jason Roeder, Noah Landis, and Dave Edwardson come together (and especially when they do so under the steady hand of longstanding engineer Steve Albini) the result is the kind of tectonic earth magic that the word doom was invented to personify. Whatever it is they continue to seek, this latest offering is a massive step forward towards it.” The Wire’s full-page review included, “Fires Within Fires is the summation of thirty years of experimentation in tonality and texture. Yes, NEUROSIS are firmly positioned within the extreme metal underground yet their music, with its ability to generate images of beauty akin to those many of us have experienced in our own lives - not to mention the loss that accompanies them - challenges this categorization. This is the band's aim; to confront the listener and through sharing their own experiences and impressions offer a template to explore the profundity and profanity of our past and future lives." Terrorizer’s album of the month review included, "Fires Within Firessees NEUROSIS evoking both the primitive elements of their early years and the polished grace of their current form. A worthy addition to their legacy, their fire burns on."

NEUROSIS’ Fires Within Fires is available now through Neurot Recordings RIGHT HERE.

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