May 26, 2014

New Neurot Recordings Store to be Unveiled In The Coming Weeks

UPDATE: The new storefront launched June 6th. If you have any questions or concerns, please just let us know!

To all of our loyal Neurot Recordings store customers: we want to let you know of some exciting news! The Neurot Recordings store is getting a pretty immense update in the next weeks. We will be moving it to a fresh platform, which is going to offer, amongst many other changes, a new direct digital downloads section!

You will still be able to find our same great pricing on our CDs, vinyl and merch from the new Neurot Recordings store, but we are going to be introducing direct digital downloads, as well as: a much more user-friendly storefront; bundled product packages, better images and intelligent searching; and, a streamlined ordering experience.

We appreciate your patience, as with any website change, there may be a small time in the transition when our store is less accessible, or an item is harder to find than usual. If you have specific issues or questions, please feel free to contact us direct at and we'll try to get back and help as soon as we can.

FAQs on the store switchover:
  • When is the store switching, and what does that mean for orders I've placed recently?
    The transition is slated to take place over the next weeks. Until that time, if you have questions on an order, click "FAQ" at the bottom of the page. The new store is going to have the same great backbone team and order processing group through Blue Collar Distribution and Merchtable, so we expect no interruption regardless of when you purchase.
  • Will your merch still be the same?
    Yes, you can expect the same great quality as always from our clothing and accessories. Our new store is through a new platform called Merchtable, but our trusted team at Blue Collar Distro is still handling printing, stocking, coordinating and shipping items.
  • When are you restocking again?
    We have been focused on the switch and setup of digital items, and have not fully restocked everything during this transition. But we will be looking at shirt restocks and reorders in the month after the switch.
  • How will the store "Help" and "FAQ"s change?
    For now, the store is the same as always through our Blue Collar Distribution site, at If you have any questions or trouble with the new site itself (ordering questions, questions on shipping or downloads), our new store website will have a team available to help directly on those things, and a new help knowledge-base:
  • Will I have to create a new account for the new store?
    Yes. We hope you understand, this is a big change for us, and unfortunately, our new store will not be carrying over your order history. If you want to keep that, log into the current store now and get your information from previous orders. We're sorry for that inconvenience. The new store will be much more user-friendly, and account setup will be more streamlined. In addition, creating a new account will allow us to provide you with previously unavailable features, like a digital content locker for all of your downloaded purchases.
  • Where can I get more information on the digital content you'll be offering?
    Our goal is to carry all of our NR albums digitally. We'll be offering them for competitive, low prices direct. You'll be able to download them as 320kbps quality mp3s. The digital downloads will be available from the start of the switch, and we'll have them in a whole digital section on the store so you can easily browse or search for any album!

We greatly appreciate the dedication of our fans, and we truly want this transition to be a positive change for you, too. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know. 

And, stay tuned: We'll post more information on the new online storefront as soon as it's live!

In the spirit of sound, 
- Neurot Recordings -

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