January 12, 2015

UFOMAMMUT Reveals Details of Their Completed Seventh Album, Ecate, Due Out in March via Neurot Recordings

Ecate is the title worthy of deities and of Ufomammut's seventh album, which is due out in March — March 31st (US), March 30th (UK/EU), March 27th (GER) — via Neurot Recordings.

The Italian power trio, known for their almightily heavy capabilities and psychedelic prowess, have as many discernible similarities as they do differences to their formative roots. Never pandering to the easy classification of doom, Ufomammut charge their sludgy output with inimitable energy and wild, wayfaring ambition which is matched by the tight-knit musical understanding that flows telepathically between the three members; Poia, Urlo, and Vita.

Photo Credit: Andrea Tomas Prato

On their latest album, Ufomammut take a confident step forward with their craft, orchestrating atmospheric processions that take the six songs on the album to places as of yet uncharted, the only guide being that of Ecate (Hecate in English), the three-sided goddess who moves between the realms of the living, the dead, and the gods. Traditionally associated with matters of the liminal (statues of her can be found at crossroads and city walls, where she would be believed to either bless or curse travelers), she represents the link between the past, the present and the future in a way which resonates true with Ufomammut, and with the name of the band, too.

Watch the first in a series of video trailers for the album, which we shall be revealing over the course of the next few weeks.

These short videos offer a chance to explore the story behind the recording of the album and the roots of their sound, re-affirming the band's DIY approach to everything they do. Also check out the track listing for Ecate, and upcoming live shows...

Ecate track listing:
1. Somnium
2. Plouton
3. Chaosecret
4. Temple
5. Revelation
6. Daemon


APRIL 2015
24. Desert fest – Berlin (D)
26. Desert fest – London (UK)
MAY 2015
21. MARYLAND DEATH FEST – Baltimore – MD (US) 

In addition to the Neurot Recordings CD and LP release, Supernatural Cat shall be releasing a limited edition LP version for Europe and worldwide (excluding the US) so stay tuned for further details and pre-order links.

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