June 1, 2016

Presenting Neurot Recordings Deep Cut #2: Skullflower's Strange Keys to Untune God's Firmament

With the DEEP CUTS series, Neurot Recordings revisits the depths of our catalog, heralding the obscure, occasionally unsung and indisputably influential artists that we have had the honor of releasing. Our hope is to bring attention to the influential works that we have helped bring into the world. We believe these releases make up the core of who we are as a label.


SKULLFLOWER is transcendental sonic bliss. The band blew my fucking mind with IIIrd Gatekeeper in the early '90s. I was exploring drone music, psych guitars, freakish industrial music - but SKULLFLOWER did it in a way that felt so perfect, using rock instruments to create environmental waves of heavy dark trance music. Soon after, they unleashed Obsidian Shaking Codex - again, it was PERFECT! Exactly what I needed and craved. I longed to disappear into its mind expanding nature. "Diamond Bullet" followed by "Smoke Jaguar" ... go find it and check it out. Fast forward 16 years or so and we had the great fortune to get in contact with Matthew Bower and the honor to be able to release Strange Keys to Untune God's Firmament. This incarnation of SKULLFLOWER was exploring even darker sonic territory. It is best said on the words from our website:

Strange Keys to Untune God's Firmament evokes Wagnerian sonic bombast, a Nietzschean worldview, and a warlike cry of rebellion against the false, encased in a whirlwind both psychotropic and psychoacoustic. Each listen brings new themes to the forefront. Not easy listening by anyone's standards, this is not for the faint of heart, but instead for those willing to submit and immerse themselves in the deep thick waters of self transformation. - Steve Von Till

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