April 15, 2014

Stoneburner 'Life Drawing' Available Now!

'Life Drawing' available now from Neurot Recordings! 
Release date April 15th, 2014 (April 14th in the UK/EU).

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“…a bottom-heavy, cracked, ground-crawling rager dipped in mire and slime.” 
– The Portland Mercury

“STONEBURNER patiently weave through three chapters and sixty-four minutes of progressive dooming sludge metal without ever repeating themselves or scratching an itch so much that it bleeds.”
– HeavyPlanet

“Churning elements of sludge, doom and crust in a charred and emotionally charged study of turmoil, fearless self-examination and a determined drive to wring some genuine human essence from the modern-day vale of tears, Life Drawing is a daunting yet ultimately exhilarating album for anyone who believes that music should be as challenging and potentially transformative as life itself.” 
– Metal Hammer

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